Center Curriculum

Unlike many business schools that teach managing in a steady-state, the SOGR assumes the situation to be dynamic in that the conditions described in the Big Picture will be part of a major discontinuity.

The course is designed either to be offered internally or through distance learning and which can readily be grafted onto another place of learning.

The program lends itself ideally to franchising where the franchisee has the use of the complete range of written and power point material adapted to each region or nation. The task of the franchisor is to perfect the total plan in pilot works, then offer the complete format to the franchisee with help in setting up the new schools.

There are at least six aspects of the course but these may need to be adapted to future franchisors.


Understanding the sources of the turbulence. The is a description and history of the economic, climatic, social and conflict aspects of the present times.

Perceive the implications of the turbulence for government, institutions and business.

Define the process of cost-cutting and reducing the break-even point associated particularly with powerful deflationary forces.

Managing deflationary forces based on the historical precedence of the 1930s.

Managing inflationary and stagflationary forces based on the experience of the Weimar Republic and managing businesses during the 1970s.

Training managers how to react to rapidly changing situations through a rapid feed-back of essential information. There could also be a simulator whereby a board is subject to likely external situations and the financial impact on the business recorded.

Helping students prepare for the Digital Age.

There is an associated manual and Power Point presentation.

A diploma will be awarded based on case studies and there will be a growing alumni.