About the Author

William Houston joined the Royal Navy at the end of the Second World War and specialised in weapons serving in the Mediterranean and Eastern theatres. On leaving the service he qualified as a chartered engineer and in administration before starting on a business career ending up as a corporate recovery specialist either as a chief executive, chairman or director of a wide range of industrial and commercial concerns. For ten years he was the industrial advisor to a merchant bank before starting a new career in writing; his first book being Avoiding Adversity advising managers on maintaining solvency before the deep recession of the early 1990s. He then became interested in the cycles of history, climate, economics, warfare, disease and so on and wrote Riding the Business Cycle in 1995. His most recent books have been Future Storm and Water: the Final Resource, both co-authored with Robin Griffiths, a noted technical analyst and investor. Credit and Conflict started as a cyclical reflection on the 2008 crisis but then evolved into manual of recovery based on historical precedence with the sub-title Riding the Immense Forces of Change into the Digital Era.

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